Recent Projects in English

Three quality improvement projects at North Stockholm psychiatry initiated by the User Involvement Coordinators

​Since 2007, SLSO has User Involvement Coordinators, UIC, employed at five of their ten specialist psychiatric healthcare providers. One of the larger tasks for the UIC is to arrange Patient Forums, PF as a tool for quality improvement. PF started in 2008 at Psychiatry South Stockholm. PF is now a mandatory process for all psychiatric inpatient care providers in SLSO.

Patient forums

The User Involvement Coordinators, UIC, at NSP and Psychiatry South Stockholm initiated the project Peer Support Worker, PSW. The evaluation showed positive results and the board at NSP decided to employ two PSWs at ward 53 (inpatient ward for patients with bipolar disorder type 1).

Peer Support Workers

The User Involvement Coordinator, UIC, initiated Daily Talks, DT. The project started in spring 2017 at ward 25 (inpatient ward aimed towards patients with affective disorders).

Daily Talks